X-Projects Romania has organized the Black Sea ROV International Competition, on 13-19 august 2014 in Constanta

Our dear friends/fans !!  We are happy to announce that the Black Sea ROV International Competition has successfully  ended . We had a great time with you guys!! reportaj

This year we had teams from USA,  Polland and Romania.

For more info, pictures/video please visit the official website  of the competition: www.BlackSeaROV.org

This is  an international robotics competition that takes place every year, on the shore of the Black Sea, in Constanta City-Port, in Romania and it is mainly adressed to teams of high-school and university-level students. The challenge is to design and build a remote controlled ROV, that can perform different missions/ tasks, such as: video inspection, , obstacle course and maneuverability,  collect and bring to the surface different samples of sand and ‘living’ sea creatures. The complexities of the competition include the conditions of the Black Sea: poor visibility: less than 10 meters(unlike other seas and oceans), strong sea currents and the weight and size limitations for a portable and practical small ROV, plus the ability to control the ROV remotely while looking at a TV screen with the image from the underwater camera attached to the ROV. The Black Sea ROV International  Competition&Exhibition is  organized by X-Projects Romania, one of  the biggest  Association(NGO) for ROBOTICS  in Romania.   www.xprojects.ro